20.10-20 – A Different Man

NEW SONG: A Different Man is Released 20 Oct 2020

ODEBRAND – “A Different Man”

ODEBRAND says that emotional power is the thing he strives for in his music – he wants the songs to hit the listener in the heart, to make them feel something. And with his new single “A Different Man”, it would take a hard soul to hold out against it. As it reaches out and pleads for understanding, “A Different Man” captures a tenderness that’s powerfully moving, and uses it to fuel a captivating country rock ballad

“A Different Man” was born from collaboration. ODEBRAND had earlier met young producers Filip Sjögren and Oscar Broberg, and the trio decided to work together. ODEBRAND came into the studio with the demo, and Sjögren and Broberg set about finding the song its musical home, filling in the details and sculpting an atmosphere around ODEBRAND’s sketch. What they come up with is a song that’s soft and intimate. Flickering guitars shadow ODEBRAND’s warm vocal, and the production gives his country rock style a dreamy glow. It’s soft and gentle, but that doesn’t diminish its impact – “A Different Man” is a song that doesn’t need to raise its voice in order to be heard. 

ODEBRAND says: “A Different Man is a song about someone who’s done an incredible job in changing their life, and the frustration that comes from when your loved ones don’t see that. You’re proud of changing, and you just want people to see it, but it’s not recognised, because they want to see the old you. So even if you’ve changed, even if you’re different, and you want to prove it, and you don’t get the chance, because the person doesn’t see it, or doesn’t want to see it”. 

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