ODEBRAND is a Swedish born and raised Singer/Songwriter that has been releasing music since 1997. The first record deal he made with SONY Music and Columbia Records with great help and support from The One and Only, Ingemar Bergman.

Now he releases music from his own Label, BRANDSTATION and it’s been 3 Albums and 16 Singles and 1 Live EP so far. The first Album ODEBRAND, in collaboration with musician and producer Andras Angel 2009. From that Album we released ”47 Days” as a single that was remixed by Ollie Olson and made it to rotation at Swedish National Radio P4 for quite some time.

The second one, Kasta första stenen 2013, together with some great musicians, Erik Pettersson, Roger Gustavsson, Michael Johansson, Ubbe Hed, background vocals, Sabina Ddumba, Janice and Melinda de Lange and co-producer/recording master Roger Krieg.

Together with The Gifted Laila Adéle we released the Single ”KÄR LEK” in 2014 and was also remixed for radio by Ollie Olsson, as the 3 other singles we released from the album, ”SOCKER”, ”ISABEL” and ”ODE TILL EKERÖ”

The last few yeas ODEBRAND has been traveling the world, due to some working as a troubadour singing and playing favorite songs in Mallorca, Thailand, Austria, Switzerland, UK and Sweden.

In the end of 2017 we released #JAMBACKBONE, a song that we started to record in august/september together with Robert Ivarsson and friends but just was TO SPOT ON when #metoo hit the world. So now the song is more of a #dealbreaker than a tune. If you’re not HuMan – then you’re a #JAMBACKBONE.

2020 is here now, and Complicación Cero is released.  I am happy to be back on track. I sure hope to be able to continue sing, play and record music for many years to come. Please stay tuned for new music by following my playlist at Spotify 

Feb-18, 5 songs was be recorded in Blacklake Studios by Göran Eriksson as producer and more.

30 April, 2018 – The Word. First song from the collaboration with Göran Eriksson and his friends, Micke Dahlén, Fredrik Landh, Mark Evitts, Karin Eriksson and Johan Gullbo recorded in Blacklake studios, Ekerö (Sweden).

27 May 2018, The second Single is released, The Olive Tree, inspired by the lifestyle of ”me casa corazon” in Port De Sóller, Mallorca.

10 Nov 2019, At Fathers Day in Sweden, I hosted a small event in my living room for some dear friends and family. Together with Guitarist Hasse Jonzon and Nina Granat on Cello we played a few song acoustic and filmed and recorded it. It was great fun, and I’m so happy with everything so we decided to release the Acoustic versions as well. Link to YouTube =>>

13 Dec 2019, We decided to release an Live EP with the recordings for Vardagsrum1 at all Online Stores and Streaming Services. Link to Spotify =>

1 Jan 2020 starts of great with skiing in The Alps and so much fun. My collaboration with the extremely nice an talented Artist Moa Stridh for Cover Art makes me want to release all the songs from the album as Singles. Moa creates Art for most of them. Read more about her here at Moas Art =>

02.02 2020, Strange Good is released. The song is written at a song camp in Spain 2015 together with my good friend Peter Bogsveen and we wrote it at the beach one sunny day at the camp. I just love the vibe and it’s the perfect first song at the Album Complicación Cero. Listen at Spotify here =>

24 Feb 2020, Just a Friend is released. A song to a woman I had a lovely but difficult relationship with. We met as friends, I was fascinated and fell in love with her persona and her lifestyle. But we never made it into Us. It was to complicated and to many things to consider. I still love her persona, but I was never her Man. Listen at Spotify here =>

7 Mars 2020, is released. The first Swedish song since 2013. It’s a song about the word ”Hate” and everything HATE does to you. How HATE affects you and makes you feel. It’s written as if HATE was a person who made you feel and do the things HATE does. Listen to GÅ at Spotify here =>

14 Mars 2020, Stjärnfamilj is released. This song is also written at the same song camp in 2015 in Spain this time together with Joacim Dubbelman and Magnus Hydén. It’s a tribute to all of you (and us) who choose to live in family’s that open your heart and souls for everyone. No Drama, No Conflicts just pure and simple love and open hearts. It’s a song to the rainbow-familys, to all the divorced who still get along with their Ex, to all different partners who choose LOVE first. Listen at Spotify here =>

21 Mars, TBT is released. This Song is my (hopefully) final song about My Huge Failure in Life. I wish I could Turn Back Time, TBT and I wish I would know What To Do to make EVERYTHING RIGHT. If I could do ANYTHING I would. But I can’t. I can Only Change the future, and I hope that someday my daughter will understand that and are willing to do the same. For Us and for Love. Listen at Spotify here =>

28 Mars, 2020, Jambackbone (Acoustic) is released. This version is more true to me. The remix is made together with Robert Wellerfors and the original recording was made by Robert Ivansson. The Song was inspired by a ”Sommarprat” by Linnea Claesson who is an outstanding human, woman and a force of nature. She put’s her finger in the eye of so many things that society does wrong and unfortunately so many times, the main problem is Men. Men like Me. And I Hate IT. What makes us men behave like we do. Over and Over again. It’s just SO SAD and it NEEDS to STOP. It’s NOT OK. It’s so Far FAR from Ok and we CAN NOT ACCEPT this anymore. Jambackbone is a ”made up word” for cowards. Men who don’t take responsibility and blame everyone else. Men who act’s out their hate online. Men who hit their girlfriends, who rapes, who kills their girlfriend, ex wife or children. Men who uses violence for power and fear. That kind of a man is a Jambackbone. It’s also My ”I Hate Trump” Song because he stands for almost everything I HATE in a man, he is a Bully, A Hater, A Coward and Nothing of A Man – He IS a JAMBACKBONE. Listen at Spotify here =>>

4 April 2020, Complicación Cero was released at al Online Stores and Streaming Services. This Album is a tribute to all the nice people I have met during my years of traveling and searching for the reason to live. At the end of the day, and when you look back at life, what really matters is not about how you are, it’s about how handle life. Add & Listen at Spotify here =>

You can never change someone else, but you can change yourself and how others make you feel and react. I have decided to fill my life with ”The good Ones”, To Be one of the Good Guys and Live My Life, Complicación Cero.

Now I’m looking forward to a summer with many performances all over Sweden, maybe Norway, Denmark, Finland (Åland) and Spain. I’m so happy and blessed to have all of you in my life and to still be able to travel the world to play music.

Love You All!


© All photos by Daniel